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Xfinity Cable Toll Free Phone Number

Xfinity Toll Free Phone Number

A toll free phone number for Xfinity Cable by Comcast is 888-981-5130.

This toll free phone number for Xfinity Cable TV Service is for new customer sales. Existing Comcast and Xfinity customers can call 800-934-6489 for Xfinity by Comcast Customer Service.

Call the toll free phone number of 888-981-5130 today to see what Xfinity can do for you in the way of new service for cable, ISP, and phone service; as well as protection for your home or office via their state-of-the-art security solutions as well. Call and find out about the latest and greatest specials for those seeking new service. There has never been a better time nor an easier way to subscribe to new service from Xfinity by Comcast via a toll free telephone number that offers a dedicated customer service line for new customer accounts. Enjoy the best of television programming, channel selections, crystal clear phone service, and the best of a modern high speed broadband connection. Call now for a quote and get a competitive rate for new service. Just pick up your phone and call the toll free phone number of 888-981-5130 for Xfinity to get started.

What to know how to self install Xfinity service? See the video instruction below: